My PAT Reading Score

Malo e lelei fellow viewers, I am going to show you my reading PAT score.

For my score I got a stanine 4.

This PAT test was a bit hard because there were some words that I didn’t understand so I got a piece of paper and wrote the words down so I could search them up later on.

In this test you had to read the paragraph then read the question. The test could have multiple choice answers and some answers that you’d have to write down.

The goal that I did for this test is to understand the words from each paragraph.

My Math Score

This math test that we took was a 3/4 test. The score that I got was a 4B, I was happy with my score because that is where we have to be at, and if we get a score higher than 3A we could do a 4/5 test.

The curriculum scores for a year 7 and 8 should be is at 4 and 5.

My learning goal in that test was to learn my HCF and LCM. (Highest Common Factor – Lowest Common Multiple).


Speech Mark Quiz

On monday I had to do a speech mark quiz, on that speech mark quiz, I saw that there were 10 questions to answer. On the first question, I realised that the answers were multiple choice so you could choose any answer and stick with it.

Then I kept going because it was fun and a bit easy, the questions got harder and harder as I went through it. But I still managed to do it.

As I was in the last question I clicked the answer and went back to the other questions to see if it was right or not, I did that about 2 times then I submitted the quiz and saw the answers.

I was happy that I got all the answers right. 10/10.



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