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Food Tech

At tech today, we made curry with rice, when we came in, we washed our hands and put our aprons on, we took 2 cloths, a spray bottle and dish wash soap bottle too.

Ms Hamer gave us instructions about what things we should get out to cook with, we first cut the chicken breasts into bite size pieces, and also sliced and diced the onions, we turned on the stove and put some oil on it, we put our chicken on the pan and let it cook.

Ms Hamer gave us some spinach and some spices to add in the pan so then it would taste better, we washed the dishes and dried it while the curry was busy cooking in the pan, the chicken looked very nice because it looked brown and roasted.

Ms Hamer also put some rice in our lunch boxes while we were finishing up washing the dishes, we turned off the stove and put the curry on top of the rice in our lunch boxes, we said karakia and ate the delicious dish we made.

It tasted amazing!

Maori Tech

Today for tech, my group and I were doing our own pepeha, we did it on a slide so then it would be easier to present, Matua Harley said that we only have 20 minutes to do it, then we looked down to our laptops and started working.

Matua harley said that we have to present it to the class when we all finish, some students finish before 20 minutes, so it was time to present our work to the group, Matua harley turned the projector on then pulled out the HDMI plug to plug into our laptops, one by one we all presented, Matua harley was impressed by how the students made their presentations.

Maori Tech

Today for tech, my group and I were learning about some words in maori, we learnt some animal names in maori like, ruru for owl and maki maki for monkey, we learnt so much that it was time for a game to play, we played last card first, and it was so funny because some people were so confused, then we played a game of rakau and then we had to go in a circle and say what our favourite thing that we had done today.

Matua Harley was so proud of us being sensible, so he said that we could play another round of  rakau, We played 2 rounds and then the bell rang, we ran to put our shoes on then went outside to the bus, we had so much fun.  Maki Maki (Monkey) Ruru (Owl)

New Tech Rotation

Today was the first time that we rotated for tech, Last week the tech group that I was in was hard material, now I’m in robotics.

Robotics was very fun, my tech group teacher is Matua Harley, Matua Harley said that we had to introduce ourselves then we did, one thing that he said was that one of his favourite hobbies is playing rugby when he has free time, and also he said that he has teached maths, reading and writing for 17 years.

After we introduced ourselves we played a little game, the game was about earning our lefts and rights, but when we played Matua Harley said left and right in maori, then he said that left in maori is maui and right in maori is matau.

This game was very fun and funny because other students would get mixed up with their lefts and rights and even in maori.

I had a fun time in robotics.

Tech – Hard Material

For tech today, my fellow students and I made these beautiful necklaces made out of metal, all of us had different shaped necklaces like, Hearts, birds, people and many more, for my necklace I made a person holding a tennis racket, I had to use sandpaper to smoothen my necklace piece out when it was rough.

Mr Grundy, our hard material teacher, asked us to make sure that we smoothen our necklaces out to be very smooth, so then we could make a hole in it to put a string through it for it to be a necklace, Some of the other students made 2 or 3 necklaces because they had finished with their other ones.

I have also finished my first necklace so I could give it to my friends or my family, I was very happy with what I have made.