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New Tech Rotation

Today was the first time that we rotated for tech, Last week the tech group that I was in was hard material, now I’m in robotics.

Robotics was very fun, my tech group teacher is Matua Harley, Matua Harley said that we had to introduce ourselves then we did, one thing that he said was that one of his favourite hobbies is playing rugby when he has free time, and also he said that he has teached maths, reading and writing for 17 years.

After we introduced ourselves we played a little game, the game was about earning our lefts and rights, but when we played Matua Harley said left and right in maori, then he said that left in maori is maui and right in maori is matau.

This game was very fun and funny because other students would get mixed up with their lefts and rights and even in maori.

I had a fun time in robotics.