My PAT Reading Score

Malo e lelei fellow viewers, I am going to show you my reading PAT score.

For my score I got a stanine 4.

This PAT test was a bit hard because there were some words that I didn’t understand so I got a piece of paper and wrote the words down so I could search them up later on.

In this test you had to read the paragraph then read the question. The test could have multiple choice answers and some answers that you’d have to write down.

The goal that I did for this test is to understand the words from each paragraph.

One thought on “My PAT Reading Score

  1. Mālō e leilei Lose!
    Congratulations on your tests, I can see you have worked really hard on your reading and am very impressed that you noted the words you weren’t sure of to look up later, this demonstrates a real growth mindset, ka pai!
    Mr S

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