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Tech Rotation


In hard material I have learnt a lot of things, One thing I have learnt is steampunk, for steampunk I have learnt that some people in the 1970’s tried to dress up and look like people from the 1800’s, When they dress up, they get very creative, a man named Kevin Jeter mentioned the activity steampunk in one of his books, People who made steampunk machines used things like cogs, small clocks and more other things.
I had fun being in hard material.


String Telephone

On Monday my class and I made these cool cup telephones.

 Step 1, first you had to have a buddy, 2 cups, scissors and tape if you want, Step 2, you had to poke a hole at the bottom of boths cups then get a string that is almost 3 metres and put it through the holes of the 2 cups.

Step 3, you had to tie the ends of the strings so the string wouldn’t come off so easily, then you and your buddy have to take one cup each and step back so the string would be taut or else the string would be slack and won’t work.

Then one person of the both of you have to talk in the cup and one person has to put the cup in their ear so they can hear the other person.

If you make one, you should use a plastic string instead of wool because you won’t hear the person clearly if you use wool for your string.

Tech – Hard Material

For tech today, my fellow students and I made these beautiful necklaces made out of metal, all of us had different shaped necklaces like, Hearts, birds, people and many more, for my necklace I made a person holding a tennis racket, I had to use sandpaper to smoothen my necklace piece out when it was rough.

Mr Grundy, our hard material teacher, asked us to make sure that we smoothen our necklaces out to be very smooth, so then we could make a hole in it to put a string through it for it to be a necklace, Some of the other students made 2 or 3 necklaces because they had finished with their other ones.

I have also finished my first necklace so I could give it to my friends or my family, I was very happy with what I have made.