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Maori tech

Today for tech, Matua Harley asked us to open up a slide and do our own pepeha, a pepeha is like an all about me but in maori, while we were doing our pepeha, we listened to some anthems in different cultures, we worked on our pepeha for 30 minutes and we had to present our work to the group. Here is my pepeha.

Maori Tech

Today for tech, my group and I were doing our own pepeha, we did it on a slide so then it would be easier to present, Matua Harley said that we only have 20 minutes to do it, then we looked down to our laptops and started working.

Matua harley said that we have to present it to the class when we all finish, some students finish before 20 minutes, so it was time to present our work to the group, Matua harley turned the projector on then pulled out the HDMI plug to plug into our laptops, one by one we all presented, Matua harley was impressed by how the students made their presentations.

Maori Tech

Today for maori tech, we were learning a karakia, my tech teacher asked us why do we have to karakia for the start of the day, a fellow student raised their hand and said we karakia in the morning to start off our day.

Then our tech teacher said that we karakia in the morning to thank god for this lovely world we are in, she taught us that when we use the word te in maori it means the, she gave us examples like te ruru iti.

After that we made a document for all the maori words we made, we all finished our work and then we had a game of rakau, our tech teacher said that we have to know our rights and lefts in maori, we played a practise round and a lot of the students forgot the maui was left and matau was right.

We played another practise round and everyone got their rights and left right, we played more rounds of rakau, it was very fun.

Maori Tech

Today for tech my teacher Matua Harley didn’t come to tech because he was sick, so we had a new teacher and she was fun, our teacher was teaching us some Maori words, she told us to get a piece of paper out so then we could write down the new Maori words that she was going to tell us.

She told us that when we use the word he in maori, it means a or some, she told us more about maori language, then we had a game that included rakaus, we played the game twice then when the bell rang, we all rushed out the door to the bus so we could go back to our own school.

It was so much fun.