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Sports Camp

Last week some of the seniors were getting ready to go to sports camp at Totara Springs, we came to school on monday and went on the bus on our way to Totara Springs, there was a 2 hour and 30 minutes ride there, when we got there, we unloaded all of our bags from the bus and went to the dormitory’s, we chose our bunk beds and and went back outside, we had to gather up in a space, our principle told us some rules not to do, and to do.

On that same day, we had quality living and the host of everything was Andrew Lint, he told us where some places were and what new sports there were to do, we were having so much fun on the first day that we were so tired.

On tuesday we woke up brushed our teeth and got ourselves ready for the day, after that we went to breakfast, breakfast was amazing, we had baked beans on buttered toast, and we also had cereal with yogurt and fresh peaches, it was amazing, we had quality living and then, sports, and it went on for the whole week from monday to friday.

It was so much fun!

Robin Mead Art

Last week my class and I made these beautiful arts inspired by Robin Mead, all the students in the class made sunset seascapes, this is my sunset seascape that I made.

This art took me only 10 minutes to do because we used pastels instead of paint, It was very fun using pastels but it was very messy too, we used the pastels because it blends better than paint.

This art was very fun and easy to do, I enjoyed it.