Month: November 2022

Food Tech – MeatLoaf

Today for tech, our group made Meatloaf, we came in, washed our hands and put our aprons on, Ms Hamer told us to get the ingredients out so we could get ready to cook, we had a lot to do so then we had to get to work, we cut the onions and carrots to small little pieces we added the egg and the mince and mixed everything with bread crumbs also.

We also cut potatoes and put it in a sauce pan with 1/3 of water, we mashed the potatoes once it was done with the sauce pan, we added everything on the pan and some spices too, we kept on mixing so then the mince would turn brown.

We got a foil box and put everything in it, we put it in the oven and left it there for 20 minutes, we took it out after and then we said our prayers and ate it. It tasted amazing!

Cooking Tech – Truffles

Today at tech, our cooking group made truffles. We came in, washed our hands and put our aprons on. Before we began Ms Hamer gave us instructions to grab our materials. After that our second step was to get the oreos mashed up.

The 3rd step was to put the cocoa and condensed the milk inside using the same bowl we mashed the oreos with and obviously mixing the mixture well.  After all that we washed hands ready to roll the dough into little pieces of sphere balls.

After all that Ms Hamer put all the trays of truffles into the fridge to cool down waiting for the moment to eat it. After a couple hours or minutes we stored it inside our lunch boxes.

With the experience in tech I had fun.


Today my class and I learnt about making haikus and what it is, a haiku is a poem with syllables, the first line of syllables is 5, the second one is 7 syllables and the last line is 5 syllables again.

Japan made haikus for making nature poems, that have syllables, like an autumn poem. It was so amazing to read other peoples haikus, Our teacher asked us to make a haiku ourselves, we searched up some poems to have an idea, I made a poem and it’s about the beach, I loved it some much and had so much fun making it.