The Fun Run

Today in the morning we had a fun run up the mountain.

We also had groups that we were in, group 1, group 2, group 3, group 4, group 5 and group 6, I was in group 5, group 5 is for the top girls who are fast, group 6 was also for fast people but for the boys.

Panmure District, Glen Taylor and Glen Innes were the schools that participated in the fun run, group 1 in all the schools had to run first, but we had to wait for the teachers to get to the top before us, so they can tick us off and tell our time.

Group 1 ran when they were told to, then group 2 went, and it went on and on, then it was group 5, we ran our hardest, and went past many people, I was so tired because there was a slope that we had to run through, my friends and I still got through it then we walked, we picked up the pace when we were almost at the end.

We finished the run and everyone was cheering once we got to them, I was so happy to finish the race, we also had sausages and a water bottle, the sausages were very yum.

I did better than the last time I ran up the mountain.


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