The Dawn Raids

This week in school, my class and I were learning about the Dawn Raids, we read a story about the dawn raids and it was very interesting, it was about Robert Muldoon persuading polynesian to come to New Zealand to work in factories.

When polynesians got convinced, they came over to New Zealand to get jobs, and some polys overstayed in the country but the police and immigration people were turning a blind eye to them.

Some New Zealanders were complaining that there were no jobs left to claim, so Robert Muldoon said that it’s time for the polynesians to go back to their own countries. So then the police and immigration people started looking for some overstayers in their houses. The polynesians didn’t like it when the police and immigration people were raiding their house at dawn at 3:00am in the morning.

So the polynesians got angry and got their sirens, cars and signs out and went to the police’s house and started shouting, and when the lights were on in their house, teenages ran out to their cars and drove off.

There were only citizen teenagers that were protesting because the parents didn’t want to get involved, and get into trouble.



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